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Today's Topic: Rostra Transducers

Rostra Transducer

High-Performance Governor Pressure Transducer for 48RE, 47RE, and 46RE




Rostra Transmissions released a high-performance governor pressure transducer for 48RE, 47RE and 46RE automatic transmissions. It is made for heavy-duty and performance uses.

This transducer was designed to outlast and outperform the OE component. It has proven to perform in tougher applications and outlast stronger line pressures.

It is made to handle the power of performance enhancements and is much more durable for high performance applications.

This transducer can also be used for the following transmissions: A500, A518, A618 (2000-2003) and 40RE, 42RE, 44RE (2000-2004).

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