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About Us

Our leadership here at DNJ has over 20 years of personal experience in the transmission industry. Also, we have several years of torque converter re-manufacturing under our belt as well. So you can be confident when talking to us. We have had our hands dirty and have been where you are right now.

David’s family’s’ automotive history goes back to the 1950’s with hot-rodding, drag racing, and diesel performance through the years. DNJ Components was founded in 2008. Because of David’s automobile history he has always seen the need in helping further the industry. From fixing problems with transmissions in his father’s shop, helping train new technicians, and participating in educational seminars for twenty years.

We have sold over 30,000 of our D-CF1 parts in the last eight years with sales steadily climbing every month and our business always growing and expanding on products as well. We are always working on new products to offer our customers. DNJ wants to continue to develop and release new innovative parts that set the standard for the transmission and performance industry. So please look for new products in our featured product category.

DNJ has been featured in "Diesel World" Magazine a couple times and has been in their new products page on multiple occasions. We also were written about in an ATSG service write-up and featured in a service manual for ATSG. We have also been featured products on countless websites over the years including PATC Transmission and DAP.

We have sold parts to and helped individuals and major wholesale suppliers all over North America, Canada, South America, Central America, and many other countries.

Our goals and objectives for DNJ are to continue to grow in our customer service by providing quality solutions and friendly expedited tech advice. We strive to help our industry by always searching for new ideas to make the customer's job easier and the experience better for them. We want to provide the industry with useful information to help people understand how they can make their transmissions and drive-trains better.

We want to know what we sell and sell what we know. With all that in mind, we want to bring 100% quality products to our customers. Yes, we want our customers to be 100 percent satisfied. We provide the latest and most innovative automotive products in the industry, made from the very best material available to us. In order to ensure their high quality, we have and will continue to do extensive research and testing on all our products before we make them available to you. We strive to provide detailed product descriptions with every product we sell.

We plan to continue to manufacture the most reliable products we are able to design. We also value feedback from our customers. We love to hear from our customers to help improve customer satisfaction. We want you to be pleased with any product purchased from DNJ. If you have any questions feel free to ask. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

Our contact information can be found in the "Contact Us" bar at the top of the page.